Why Printabowl Donates a Portion of Proceeds to Criminal Justice Reform

Our company's North Star has always been to empower people to embrace their own innate creativity. We began Printabowl as an art project ourselves and it has been the most rewarding creative experience of either of our lives. 

Saul and I have been extremely fortunate to start a business in this space that has enjoyed success without legal compromise. We understand that our path was paved by people who sacrificed their liberty at the hands of the criminal justice system to make Printabowl and projects like it possible. 

We humbly recognize that many people haven't enjoyed the privilege we have in this growing space. Non-violent entrepreneurs and bystanders are routinely ensnared in the United States's badly broken criminal justice system, notably its destructive Corrections apparatus.

Prison for non-violent offenders is often counter productive and disproportionately effects communities of color and people of modest socioeconomic standing not only through biased and outright corrupt police practices, but also unfair trials and absurd sentencing.

These realities are inherently averse to our mission of creative empowerment. That's why we're diverting a little energy and money toward remedying this ongoing tragedy by proudly donating a portion of Printabowl's net profits to The Sentencing Project, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization working to advance a more equitable criminal justice system.

We do it because too many people are in prison for non-violent crimes that don't warrant systematic enslavement. It's the least we can do, but it's something.

Supporting Printabowl means supporting fair justice. You're helping us put energy toward solving this grave problem and we can't thank you enough.  


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