Introducing New Line of Custom Photo Bongs, CMYK

We've been in the lab at Printabowl HQ cooking up another hot line of design-minded products that advance our mission of visually evolved smoking implements. Reapplying our vision for custom printed bongs and pipes, Saul, I, and the entire Printabowl team are proud to introduce our all-new line of custom photo bongs, CMYK. 

Check it out for yourself. Simply click on our Customize tab to start creating your own one-of-a-kind pipe. Upload your favorite pictures, add text, or both. It's your canvas, your creation. Each personalized bong is custom printed to order before it's shipped straight to your door in a few weeks. 

A few images that we've found work exceptionally well printed on a bong include: 

  • Your Pets
  • Your Friends
  • Your Significant Other
  • Memes
  • Screenshots of Social Media Stories
  • Music Pics
  • Fashion Pics
  • Sports Pics
  • Culture Pics

Start creating today. The power to make it yours, is now yours. Have fun!


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