Good Design is Innovative: PAX 3

Continuing our exploration of cannabis-focused products that exemplify Deter Ram's "10 Principles for Good Design," let's look to one of the first players credited with thoughtfully applying design to the cannabis space.  

Embodying Rams's good design principle of innovation, last week PAX released its latest sleek pocket vaporizer, PAX 3

The vapor company used some of the $46.7 million from its Series-C funding round to implement important innovations on its previous models, though all not apparent beyond the shiny updated color options. 

Made with "medical-grade materials," PAX 3 can now accommodate concentrates as well as loose leaf flower with a new attachment for its bottom-feeding oven. Couple the extract integration with the new-age vape's customizable heating options (themselves controllable through a smartphone app) and PAX 3 shines as a testament to innovative cannabis design.  

These new technologically driven consumption devices cost $274.99 a piece and come with a 10-year warranty, which is positive considering how well other portable high-end tech goods (*cough* smartphones *cough*) fare on the go. 

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